Purchasing or leasing a new car is a big investment. What if we told you you could get money towards a down payment by selling or trading your car to us at Mac Haik Ford? Yep, that's right-by handing over your current model to us, you can receive some compensation towards your next Ford vehicle!

If you are a Houston, Cypress, or Sugar Land, TX, driver looking to turn in your current vehicle before you drive away in a new Ford ride, our dealership is a great place to do it. Continue reading down below to learn more about our selling and trade-in process. Let's get started.

Why You Should Sell or Trade-in Your Car

If you're considering buying or leasing a new vehicle, our dealership is more than happy to buy your trade-in from you! Doing so is a great way to turn over resale responsibility to our trusted team-this is especially helpful for those drivers with a bustling lifestyle.

Selling or trading in your car also gives you money back that can go towards your next Ford's down payment or a higher trim level model you've had your eye on.

Can I Sell My Vehicle on My Own?

Absolutely! Drivers looking to put their vehicle in another driver's hands are more than welcome to do so. Please note that preparing everything will require lots of time and work. If you have any questions about how to do this, feel free to reach out to our financial team for assistance.

Plus, our dealership is more than happy to set up an appraisal to see how much your vehicle is worth before you put it up for sale.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Sale or Trade-in

Your vehicle's operation and appearance are two of the major factors checked during the appraisal. With that being said, you will want to spruce up your ride to ensure an accurate trade-in value. Here's what you can do:

  • Clean the exterior-Make sure to have all cosmetic damages repaired and to give your car's exterior a good scrub to make it look brand-new.
  • Clean the interior-Pay special attention to your vehicle's upholstery, surfaces, displays, and flooring. Make sure you remove all trash, debris, and personal belongings as well.
  • Take it in for maintenance-If your vehicle needs an oil change or a new set of wheels, you should complete these tasks prior to the appraisal. Make sure you keep records of all maintenance performed!